One pxeboot to find them and in the darkness bind them

Irritatingly, I couldn’t find a decent cut-n-paste how to on the Internet for using a much loved and mostly overlooked FreeBSD installation and boot up process using a fully cooked diskless image fetched via TFTP instead of the really well documented and fantastic howto on NFS booting. Primarily, I wanted to switch off of NFS […]

#FreeBSD Vim port updated … ewwwww

I just ran across a system with ports/vim-lite updated to version 8. I now know why a coworker of mine, in the past, said using vim was like “running your fingers down a chalkboard, but for your eyes.” In order to make vim usable for what I do, I asked the friendly folks in #bsdports […]

The Short List #8: fetchmailrc/gmail/ssl … grrr #FreeBSD

Didn’t realize that a fetchmail implementation I was using was actually *not* using SSL for a month.  I had installed security/ca_root_nss but FreeBSD doesn’t assume that you want to use the certificates in this package.  I don’t understand it, but whatever. So, add this to your fetchmailrc to actually use the certificate authorities in there […]

The Short List #7: net-im/finch and password protected IRC channels on #FreeBSD

I discovered recently that net-im/finch can indeed join password protected IRC channels even though the channel add dialogue box doesn’t support it. Add an IRC chat room that requires a password to your buddy list. Exit out of finch and edit ~/.purple/blist.xml Find the chat room you just added: <chat proto=’prpl-irc’ account=’’> <component name=’channel’>#supersekritircchannel</component> <setting […]

Using the xdev target with qemu-user-static on #FreeBSD

I’ve been playing with building ports for ARM on an AMD64 machine via a bunch of tools.  The duct tape and bailing wire is a bit thick with this method, but if you keep at it, this should work. 1. build armv6 chroot: make buildworld TARGET=arm TARGET_ARCH=armv6 make installworld TARGET=arm TARGET_ARCH=armv6 DESTDIR=/armv6 make distribution TARGET=arm […]