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  • FAT32 on FreeBSD

    I couldn’t find any examples of executing a newfs_msdos for a FAT32 filesystem while I was working on some FPGA stuffs here at the house tonight. The fine folks in the FreeBSD Discord were able to guide me to the following in order to build a working file system on my 2GB SD Card. As […]

  • Stashing linux away for the day you need it.

    I need a Linux VM on my FreeBSD machine for a bunch of FPGA dev work. Thanks to a bunch of folks on the Internet, we have a pretty quick and dirty way of getting Linux setup via bhyve. Because I was trying to do things via wireless networking, I couldn’t use the most common […]

  • The Shortlist #9: Blogging from your cell phone

    After years of running my own instance of WordPress, I finally configured my iPhone to upload images and whatnot. Turns out, I needed two things: You have to know that the cell phone app wants the URL of the PHP xml RPC web address. It doesn’t assume anything when you enter in the address of […]

  • One pxeboot to find them and in the darkness bind them

    Irritatingly, I couldn’t find a decent cut-n-paste how to on the Internet for using a much loved and mostly overlooked FreeBSD installation and boot up process using a fully cooked diskless image fetched via TFTP instead of the really well documented and fantastic howto on NFS booting. Primarily, I wanted to switch off of NFS […]

  • #FreeBSD Vim port updated … ewwwww

    I just ran across a system with ports/vim-lite updated to version 8. I now know why a coworker of mine, in the past, said using vim was like “running your fingers down a chalkboard, but for your eyes.” In order to make vim usable for what I do, I asked the friendly folks in #bsdports […]

  • The Short List #7: net-im/finch and password protected IRC channels on #FreeBSD

    I discovered recently that net-im/finch can indeed join password protected IRC channels even though the channel add dialogue box doesn’t support it. Add an IRC chat room that requires a password to your buddy list. Exit out of finch and edit ~/.purple/blist.xml Find the chat room you just added: <chat proto=’prpl-irc’ account=’’> <component name=’channel’>#supersekritircchannel</component> <setting […]