Category: FreeBSD

  • A bit of #ZFS Faff on Ubuntu 22.04

    I’m a ZFS on Root guy, so I get to be my own support on most days. Today, I wanted to see how hard common tasks that I once did on #FreeBSD with ZFS tools would be. Namely, I wanted to pluck out a 250G drive from my Root Pool and replace it with a […]

  • More #FreeBSD Power Saving Notes

    Its been a while since I needed to be mobile with FreeBSD again. I remembered that there’s several out of the box tuning things that you should do in /etc/rc.conf and a few modules you should load for your mobile workstation. These will slow your laptop down when running of battery and should give you […]

  • FAT32 on FreeBSD

    I couldn’t find any examples of executing a newfs_msdos for a FAT32 filesystem while I was working on some FPGA stuffs here at the house tonight. The fine folks in the FreeBSD Discord were able to guide me to the following in order to build a working file system on my 2GB SD Card. As […]

  • The Shortlist #10: PHP modules

    I really just meant to post a quick note this morning on two gotchas I tripped over when trying to integrate the cell phone and my FreeBSD Jail of WordPress. Bah. Good luck with that. Error #1: WordPress detonates when I try to post and becomes unresponsive. /var/log/nginx/error.log shows: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught […]

  • Sometimes less is more. Checkout individual #FreeBSD ports for testing.

    I needed to test a single FreeBSD port today for a specific release.  The FreeBSD project maintains a series of reference build machines for this type of work, but normally I maintain an entire ports tree checkout for this type of work. The FreeBSD ports tree has 20k+ individual software packages maintained in it, and […]

  • The EEPROM you have reached is no longer in service, #FreeBSD recovery of em(4) devices

    Ran into a very strange error with legacy em(4) devices on FreeBSD this week.  Something I was doing while working on the EM_MULTIQUEUE kernel config option for em(4) seems to have blown up the PXE configuration in the EEPROM of one of my lem(4) devices.  Else, cosmic rays did it: em3: <Intel(R) PRO/1000 Legacy Network […]