Month: July 2013

  • How to fry a router, in X easy steps: The Serial Console

    I’ve started to hack on my DLink DIR-825 B1 to get it running FreeBSD and have had some great success.  Adrian Chadd, put together a build system for this router and committed some of the needed changes to get this Atheros MIPS 24k based router working for us and I’ll try to document my […]

  • Refilling the radio percolator

    Tomorrow is my last Radio-Kol show before I go on hiatus.  When I logged on to my secondary KoL account this morning, I was greeted with a 5 year anniversay Concrete Fedora.  I was amused to say the least, since I created *that* account 1 day before my first show back in 2008. Taking a […]

  • The sacrifices we must make for science!

    Interesting day on the phone with DLink.  When I say “day”, I do mean DAY.  More or less, Monday must be DLink’s crazy time when everyone comes back from work and finds their office routers dead or something. The DIR-825 model C1 that I initially bought to test out MIPS on FreeBSD died a noble […]

  • Getting super social with Bacon

    After getting this blog online, I was able to hook it to my twitter account, supposedly.  The entire purpose of getting a virtual machine, IP, domain name and trying to understand how computers work was so that I could post things in more than 140 characters. I was quite suprised at the quality of […]

  • Open for business

    Wow, I’m on the internet and everything. Thanks to some industrious people who made it ridiculously easy to get FreeBSD and WordPress working together smoothly, I now have the ability to inflict slightly less random things on the internet.  Normally, such ramblings were limited to 140 characters or less due to twitter, but NO MORE. […]