The Short List #8: fetchmailrc/gmail/ssl … grrr #FreeBSD

Didn’t realize that a fetchmail implementation I was using was actually *not* using SSL for a month.  I had installed security/ca_root_nss but FreeBSD doesn’t assume that you want to use the certificates in this package.  I don’t understand it, but whatever. So, add this to your fetchmailrc to actually use the certificate authorities in there […]

The Short List #7: net-im/finch and password protected IRC channels on #FreeBSD

I discovered recently that net-im/finch can indeed join password protected IRC channels even though the channel add dialogue box doesn’t support it. Add an IRC chat room that requires a password to your buddy list. Exit out of finch and edit ~/.purple/blist.xml Find the chat room you just added: <chat proto=’prpl-irc’ account=’’> <component name=’channel’>#supersekritircchannel</component> <setting […]