Refilling the radio percolator

Tomorrow is my last Radio-Kol show before I go on hiatus.  When I logged on to my secondary KoL account this morning, I was greeted with a 5 year anniversay Concrete Fedora.  I was amused to say the least, since I created *that* account 1 day before my first show back in 2008.

Taking a hiatus from my three days a week, 5am shows was a pretty hard decision for me to make.  I enjoy having a small block of time each week that is “my” time and let’s me play a fun little video game while listening to new/old music.  There’s something to be said for waking up early and not having anyone ask anything of you and not need anything from you.

One thing I did early on and took it as my schtick, was to play records on my show.  This was something I was always quite proud of as a computer nerd.  Spinning a record and streaming it across the internet while keeping the ID3 tags updated is a bit challenging until you get the hang of it.  The IDJC software platform made it possible for me to insert small, 1 second of silence audio tracks into a playlist and then tag them with the appropriate information.  I still feel like a real DJ only when the turntable is spinning.  Playing MP3 files on the internet isn’t as satisfying to be honest, it doesn’t feel like work.

My morning listeners seem to enjoy the comedy and serialized dramas that I would scrounge up at the record store for the shows.  To be honest, these are super cheap records to collect, which is why my collection is primarily composed of them.

But, work is getting a bit intense this summer/fall.  I need the extra time for either sleep or work and I can’t fit Radio KoL into my schedule for the next few months.  Heck, I don’t even know if I’ll be having the time to spin records for my own personal enjoyment.  Without the impetus to setup a show for others to enjoy, I may not listen to another record for several months.  🙁

Its not sad though.  It makes me look forward to the time when I’ll have the mental bandwidth to come back to the shoutcast show and once again inflict The Decaffeination Zone on your earholes.

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