Category: FreeBSD

  • Sometimes you have to sit down and write #FreeBSD documentation

    When working on new projects or hacks, sometimes you just have to stop, think and start writing down your processes and discoveries. While working on bootstrapping the DLink DIR-825C1, I realized that I had accumulated a lot of new (to me) knowledge from the FreeBSD Community (namely, Adrian Chadd and Warner Losh). There is a […]

  • The Short List #6: Make the CD drive do something useful on #FreeBSD

    Noted today that while grip could access the CD drive on my machine, clemetine-player and xfburn could not. Figure out which device node your CD drive is with camcontrol: camcontrol devlist | grep cd at scbus4 target 0 lun 0 (cd0,pass2) Simply add the following to /etc/devfs.conf and restart devfs to get access to the […]

  • Burning all the bridges. Cleaning up jails with ezjail-admin on #FreeBSD

    I noted that my updates on my jail host didn’t actually do a delete-old/delete-old-libs during the basejail process: ezjail-admin update -i I tend to update my jails with my base host svn updates to -current, so there’s a bit of churn and burn with regards to old files and such. This came to a head […]

  • httperf tuning for #FreeBSD testing

    Was playing around with httperf to excercise Apache / stunnel SSl benchmarks on FreeBSD this week and ran into the code that nerfs simultaneous connections down from the environment ulimit of maxfiles to the limit FD_SETSIZE as defined in <select.h>. One can override this at compile time and push the system harder by passing in […]

  • The short list #5: coredumping with sudo on #FreeBSD

    Things I learned from a misbehaving pam module managing our sudo context at work.  sudo, for security, will not dump core files if it hits a segfault.  You need to tell the kernel to allow set uid root binaries to core dump *and* you have to let sudo know that its ok via a sudo.conf […]

  • You need to construct additional pylons. Building wine for #FreeBSD

    I’ve been playing Blizzards’s Starcraft 2 on Linux via wine emulation lately and thought I’d see if I can get the same thing working on FreeBSD via the emulators/i386-wine-devel port.  After talking with the fine folks in #bsdports on EFNet, I finally found a recipe that is poudriere friendly and seems to spit out something […]