Category: FreeBSD

  • The Short List #6: Make the CD drive do something useful on #FreeBSD

    Noted today that while grip could access the CD drive on my machine, clemetine-player and xfburn could not. Figure out which device node your CD drive is with camcontrol: camcontrol devlist | grep cd at scbus4 target 0 lun 0 (cd0,pass2) Simply add the following to /etc/devfs.conf and restart devfs to get access to the […]

  • Burning all the bridges. Cleaning up jails with ezjail-admin on #FreeBSD

    I noted that my updates on my jail host didn’t actually do a delete-old/delete-old-libs during the basejail process: ezjail-admin update -i I tend to update my jails with my base host svn updates to -current, so there’s a bit of churn and burn with regards to old files and such. This came to a head […]

  • httperf tuning for #FreeBSD testing

    Was playing around with httperf to excercise Apache / stunnel SSl benchmarks on FreeBSD this week and ran into the code that nerfs simultaneous connections down from the environment ulimit of maxfiles to the limit FD_SETSIZE as defined in <select.h>. One can override this at compile time and push the system harder by passing in […]

  • The short list #5: coredumping with sudo on #FreeBSD

    Things I learned from a misbehaving pam module managing our sudo context at work.  sudo, for security, will not dump core files if it hits a segfault.  You need to tell the kernel to allow set uid root binaries to core dump *and* you have to let sudo know that its ok via a sudo.conf […]

  • You need to construct additional pylons. Building wine for #FreeBSD

    I’ve been playing Blizzards’s Starcraft 2 on Linux via wine emulation lately and thought I’d see if I can get the same thing working on FreeBSD via the emulators/i386-wine-devel port.  After talking with the fine folks in #bsdports on EFNet, I finally found a recipe that is poudriere friendly and seems to spit out something […]

  • Moving forward by going slightly backwards and to the right, UEFI booting on #FreeBSD

    The FreeBSD Foundation has been working towards the future of booting in x86 and catching up to our friends in Linux-land by sponsoring work on a UEFI enabled boot loader.  This work was taken on by Benno Rice ( and Ed Maste ( So far, it appears that one can indeed boot FreeBSD as I […]