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  • The Short List #4: p4 foo

    change a file in perforce to be executable on checkout.   p4 edit -t <type>+x <file name> p4 submit <file name>

  • The midlife crisis mobile

    Finally got the ok to grab “my” car today fron Scion. Thr FR-S (and Subaru BR-Z) have been on my mind for months now after warching Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear review. I wouldn’t say that I’ve gone and broken any speed limits yet, that’s not what this car is for. I *can* say thay I’m […]

  • Open for business

    Wow, I’m on the internet and everything. Thanks to some industrious people who made it ridiculously easy to get FreeBSD and WordPress working together smoothly, I now have the ability to inflict slightly less random things on the internet.  Normally, such ramblings were limited to 140 characters or less due to twitter, but NO MORE. […]