The midlife crisis mobile


Finally got the ok to grab “my” car today fron Scion. Thr FR-S (and Subaru BR-Z) have been on my mind for months now after warching Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear review.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve gone and broken any speed limits yet, that’s not what this car is for. I *can* say thay I’m no longer afraid of corners. I truly look forward to them now.

However, it is a bit of a workout driving now. The 6 speed manual is super easy to drive, but compared to the automatic transmission in my Honda CR-V, it is a workout.

One response to “The midlife crisis mobile”

  1. Need to focus on framing.
    Get closers, tighten up the shot like this was romance,
    Gauze filter not required!
    As is looks like crowd sourcing angst for teenage wasteland!
    Put some uuumph in that middle age crisis image!

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