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  • The Short List #8: fetchmailrc/gmail/ssl … grrr #FreeBSD

    Didn’t realize that a fetchmail implementation I was using was actually *not* using SSL for a month.  I had installed security/ca_root_nss but FreeBSD doesn’t assume that you want to use the certificates in this package.  I don’t understand it, but whatever. So, add this to your fetchmailrc to actually use the certificate authorities in there […]

  • Using the xdev target with qemu-user-static on #FreeBSD

    I’ve been playing with building ports for ARM on an AMD64 machine via a bunch of tools.  The duct tape and bailing wire is a bit thick with this method, but if you keep at it, this should work. 1. build armv6 chroot: make buildworld TARGET=arm TARGET_ARCH=armv6 make installworld TARGET=arm TARGET_ARCH=armv6 DESTDIR=/armv6 make distribution TARGET=arm […]

  • Using qemu-user to chroot and bootstrap other architectures on #FreeBSD

    My last post spawned enough feedback that I thought I would dump some notes here for those interested in building a chroot on FreeBSD that allows you to test and prototype architectures, e.g. ARMv6 on AMD64. The FreeBSD buildsys has many targets used for many things, the two we care about here are buildworld and […]

  • Cross building ports with qemu-user and poudriere-devel on #FreeBSD

    I’ve spent the last few months banging though the bits and pieces of the work that Stacey Son implemented for QEMU to allow us to more or less chroot into a foreign architecture as though it were a normal chroot.  This has opened up a lot of opportunities to bootstrap the non-x86 architectures on FreeBSD. […]

  • Playing nice with others. git(1) and patches on #FreeBSD

    I’ve been spending a lot of time massaging a branch of patches and other assorted bits and pieces for QEMU user mode on github This led me down the path of being a good git user and contributor, so I’ll leave these notes for myself and others in the event you come into a situation […]

  • The Short List #8: Using #lldb with a core file on #FreeBSD

    Debugging qemu this evening and it took me a minute or two to figure out the syntax for debugging a core file with lldb. lldb mips-bsd-user/qemu-mips -c /mipsbuild/qemu-mips.core Make sure you have permissions to access both the binary and the core, else you get a super unhelpful error of: error: Unable to find process plug-in […]