The Short List: #3 #FreeBSD

Sandybridge/Ivybridge/Haswell boxes take upwards of 10 minutes to just GET TO THE BOOT LOADER now.  When I want to get a box into single user, and not miss the loader prompt when using FreeBSD:
nextboot -o “-s” -k kernel

ZFS based systems will emit a terrifying warning of:

WARNING: loader(8) has only R/O support for ZFS
nextboot.conf will NOT be reset in case of kernel boot failure

Which means you need to pay attention if your system panics on restart.

2 responses to “The Short List: #3 #FreeBSD”

  1. On what hardware (mainboard name), and BIOS/UEFI version, exactly are you seeing this behaviour?

    • I mainly have to deal with HP Proliant and Dell Poweredge systems. The main culprits on “long” boot times is the HP Gen8 and Dell 12G series of machines.

      The specific machine that caused me to post this to my blog was a R720xd running the latest and greatest Dell f/w