Getting super social with Bacon

After getting this blog online, I was able to hook it to my twitter account, supposedly.  The entire purpose of getting a virtual machine, IP, domain name and trying to understand how computers work was so that I could post things in more than 140 characters.

I was quite suprised at the quality of the how-to I found on for setting up WordPress, with the exception of using mysql 5.6 for the installation, all seemed to be well.

Now, and only now, do I realize the folly of all this though.  One of the crutches I’ve been heavily leaning on was ZFS, The Bacon Of Filesystems:

I use it for snap shotting my file systems before doing any kind of buildworld or port upgrades.  That has given me numerous changes to rollback before any serious damage has occured, at least until now.  I only NOW realize that my VM is a small, UFS limited thing without the safety net of BACON.  I LOVE BACON.  It makes EVERYTHING better.  Seriously.

How do you even do backups reliably on UFS?  With ZFS you set a snap shot via “zfs snapshot -r zroot” and you’re done.  (apply “bam” noise here)

If you have an issue with the current state of affairs, no worry, zfs rollback and you’re done.  DUN.

I guess I need to learn more about backups in this non-bacon world.

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  1. UFS supports a fairly limited version of snapshots, so you could make and read-only mount the snapshot, then make your backup from that, same way you would if you were actually making a backup of ZFS (say, with Bacula)

    see mksnap_ffs(8)

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