How I learned to stop worrying and love the powderkeg. #FreeBSD

FreeBSD has grown up a lot in this release cycle.  The most useful tool from the 10.0/11.0 world in a long time, poudriere (powder keg in French) has made my ports usage almost trivial now. More or less, poudriere is a tool that allows you to build ports packages compatible with the new PKGNG format […]

The Short List #7: wpa_passphrase on #FreeBSD. Because plaintext passwords are dumb.

If you have configured wireless networks on your FreeBSD laptop/pc. You can use wpa_passphrase to make the password entries more obscure with the use of wpa_passphrase. For example, given the following network entry in wpa_supplicant.conf: network={ ssid=”BRUNO” scan_ssid=1 priority=5 key_mgmt=WPA-PSK psk=”Super Secret Plain Text Password” } wpa_passphrase can give you a psk entry that is […]