Month: August 2013

  • The Short List: #3 #FreeBSD

    Sandybridge/Ivybridge/Haswell boxes take upwards of 10 minutes to just GET TO THE BOOT LOADER now.  When I want to get a box into single user, and not miss the loader prompt when using FreeBSD: nextboot -o “-s” -k kernel ZFS based systems will emit a terrifying warning of: WARNING: loader(8) has only R/O support for […]

  • The Short List: #2

    Migrating a system from its UFS installation to a new shiny ZFS pool: cd / && tar –exclude=zroot/ –exclude=dev/ –exclude=proc/ -cvf – * | ( cd /zroot; tar xfp – )

  • How to fry a router in X-1 steps, The Serial Console complete

    If you saw my first post  regarding my attempts to use a DLink DIR-825 with FreeBSD, you noted that I was busily trying to get the serial console working.  I won’t go over the reasons for it in this new post, but get straight into the fun and games. My motivation here is to make […]

  • The Short List: #1

    Like the subtitle says, these should be obvious, but I’m forever looking them up. #1:  Find files in a perforce checkout that are not checked in or are modified: for file in `p4 diff -f -sa`; do p4 diff -f $file; done #2 Crosscompile FreeBSDi386 on amd64, its stupid simple, but I can never remember: […]

  • AllMost There — Intel AMT on my ThinkPad T520

    Spent some time this week screwing around with the “serial” port on my laptop.  Serial consoles are one of those things that you seem to always need when doing o/s development.  Its the only reliable way to get debugging information and on PC architectures, its really the best way to find and resolve serious problems […]

  • Vertically Integrating Synergy … no really, this is a technical post

    Because I couldn’t find any help from the Internet-O-Tron today, let me put this little bit of quality suffering out there for your entertainment. I just completed murdering my linux box at the office and converted it over to FreeBSD Current with all the lovely Xorg goodness that I need it for.  Really, I only […]